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Other Solutions

Mobile Homes and Vehicles

Need a mobile solution? You've found the right people to help. We have a range of vehicle accessories for broadband on the move almost anywhere throughout New Zealand.

IoT Monitoring Solutions

A new up and coming product range under development. Use the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor locations and status of your assets, people, water tank levels, water flow rates, environment (inside or outside), doors or gate status and almost anything else you can think of.

Wireless Links

Connect a remote building on your farm to your home internet or two offices on opposite sides of the street in town we have the right solutions for you.


Do you need a Hotspot for a Café, Motel, Hotel or Large public area for permanent or even temporary installation, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Domain Names and Hosting

We provide web hosting solutions for email & websites we have designed right through to your DIY projects. You can run your own website from only $19.95 per month.


Choose from our wide range of monitoring options from static webcams right through to motion detection video cameras and recording devices.

Fast, reliable and locally supported New Zealand internet.