Netspeed provides fast, efficient and affordable broadband and phone services available throughout New Zealand in rural and city, mobile homes, caravans, baches and almost anywhere else you can think of!

Rural Broadband

Live in a hard to reach spot?
You can probably get fast and reliable 3G and 4G LTE broadband at your place. More towers are being installed nationwide with new transmitters, so even if you have checked before take another look at our coverage map.

Fibre Broadband

Netspeed connects residential and business fibre to deliver the fastest broadband you've ever seen at your place. If Fibre is in your area, it can come with Netspeed's friendly service and Kiwi support team.

Wireless Broadband

Netspeed high speed 5GHz wireless broadband is available in city and rural areas in Canterbury, Oamaru, Southland and Wanaka coverage zones. If you are outside but near one of our existing coverage zones let us know and we can often extend our network to include your location.

Why choose Netspeed?

Fast and Friendly Service

Customer Focused

New Zealand Owned and Operated