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Mobile Broadband

Broadband internet on the go, a great choice for internet connections in mobile homes, caravans, vehicles and more.

Getting Mobile with Netspeed Broadband

Our Rural Broadband plans can be used anywhere throughout New Zealand where there is suitable 3G or 4G LTE broadband signal. This makes them really versatile and fantastic for providing a internet connection when you need a fixed or temporary internet service without a contract while you're on the move and after you've reached your destination. You can pause and reconnect your Rural Broadband plan without termination or reconnection fees (minimum 1 month connection period applies).

To help you get set up with your vehicle or caravan wifi router and connection, we have some handy accessories available on request with any Netspeeed Rural Broadband plan.

Cigarette Lighter Adaptors

A cigarette lighter socket power adaptor is great for quickly and easily connecting your Rural Broadband Modem (with built in wifi router) to a 12 VDC vehicle socket inside your caravan, mobile home or other vehicle.

$10 each

Magnetic Base Antenna

A strong magnetic base for outdoor use, won't let go in the wind and makes a great option for attaching an aerial / antenna to your caravan to boost your router's reception. If you have a fiberglass surface to mount to, the base can also be glued in place.

$65 each

Plug & Cable

Connect your Rural Broadband modem using a 12VDC direct connection into your vehicle's wiring (fuse not supplied but recommended).

Free - just let us know you need one.

For the best internet solution out on the road...

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