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Netspeed Trackers

Keep track of what's important to you with Netspeed's IoT tracker range.

Vehicle Tracker

Netspeed vehicle tracker
Work car, family car or that show car that you love so much
No batteries required, it plugs in the OBD2 port
Ring fence and impact alerts are enabled by default
Backup battery installed, if unplugged or tampered with
Dimensions: 71x46x24mm, Weight 48g




Subscription price: $12.50 monthly

Asset Tracker

Netspeed asset tracker
Ideal for trailers, farm equipment, contracting and site equipment
For vehicles that don't have OBD2 ports
IP67 housing rated outdoor/indoor
Three AA-lithium batteries required, not included
Battery low, ring fence alerts are enabled by default
Dimensions: 108x86x31mm, Weight: 173g




Subscription price: $12.50 monthly

Compact Asset Tracker

Netspeed compact asset tracker
Does everything the asset tracker does in a smaller unit
Ideal for bicycles, scooters, site equipment in urban areas, even your dogs collar (adapter required)
Three AAA lithium iron batteries required, not included
Battery low, ring fence alerts are enabled by default
IP67 housing rated outdoor/indoor
Dimensions: 84x63x24mm, Weight: 160g




Subscription price: $12.50 monthly

All our website prices are in NZD and include GST.

Easy to Install

All Netspeed trackers are easy to install with no configuration required - simply plug it in and it'll begin tracking your thing using the pre-installed 3/4G SIM card with a generous 4mb data cap (additional data can be purchased as required).

Your Information is Kept Safe

The web app to view your data is developed in NZ and data is stored in Australia with up to 30 days of historical data storage available and additional storage can be purchased if required.

GPS Tracking

High-precision GPS/GLONASS device tracks assets when they're on the move and enters sleep mode when stationary to save power.

Easy Interface

Centralize all of your tracking devices on one app for seamless access and management. Bring your own devices, most devices can be supported.

Battery Monitoring

Netspeed asset trackers have built-in battery meter for remote battery life monitoring and remaining life prediction will automatically send email alerts when low.

Movement Alerts

We set up your tracker to warn you if it leaves your home ring fence and our vehicle tracker will also send an email alert if it detects a high g-force event (which may indicate an accident has occurred).

Coverage and Installation

Your device transmits data to your Netspeed IoT platform using the nationwide 3/4G networks.

Netspeed tacking devices are easy to install, vehicle trackers plug into the OBD2 port on your vehicle. Asset trackers just need the batteries installed and then they can be attached to your asset using the screws provided.


Netspeed Tracking Dashboard

Additional Charges

Per month

  • $1.50 per additional user in your Organisation
  • $0.50 per additional Action
  • $1.00 for each additional block of 10,000 Incoming Messages
  • $1.00 for each additional month of Data Storage for your Organisation
  • $0.06 per additional email alert message sent (100 free per month)
  • $0.30 per text message sent

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