Fibre Broadband

Ultra-fast Fibre Broadband for households and businesses across New Zealand.

Our Fibre Broadband plans just got better.

Looking for ultra fast fibre broadband providers in New Zealand? Experience the Netspeed difference.

Fibre Mini



Up to 50 Mbps download
Up to 10 Mbps upload
Great for everyday use.





Fibre Boost



Up to 100 Mbps download
Up to 20 Mbps upload
Perfect for streaming.





Fibre Max



Max download
Up to 500 Mbps upload
The ultimate connection.





*Acceptable use policy applies. All our website prices are in NZD and include GST.

Select Your Speed

Netspeed Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband connections are capped at the speed of your chosen monthly plan. Choose everyday speeds, get a speed boost or max out your connection speeds for the best experience.

No Fixed Term Contracts

All of our standard Netspeed plans have no fixed term contract! We know you’ll love us, so we don’t need to lock you into 12 or 24-month contracts.

No Phone Line Required

Netspeed Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband connections don't use old copper lines, we connect you using a fibre optic cable. Still need a phone service? Ask about our VoIP phone options.

Unlimited Data

All Netspeed Ultra Fast Broadband plans have unlimited data limits.

Wireless WiFi Router

All Netspeed Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband connections use a wireless router so that you can connect your laptop, tablet, smart phone or any other WiFi enabled device without using a network cable.

Static IP Address

Static IP addresses are standard with all Netspeed plans at no extra charge so you can set up your own hotspot, private or public game server, web or email server and other cool techy stuff.

Free Email Address

Netspeed members can have 5 email addresses complete with virus and spam filters, POP3 and IMAP support, SMTP and webmail service.

Is This For Me?

Our Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband internet deals are a step up in comparison to the old, poor performing satellite or copper line broadband connections. Looking for other options? Ask if our Wireless or Rural Broadband options are available for you.


Fibre Broadband coverage is dependant on local availability. We can connect you anywhere Fibre is available throughout New Zealand. Our infrastructure partners are rolling out fibre to new places all the time.

Ask our team to check if Fibre is available at your place.

Hardware Kit

You can use your own Fibre Router* or our Standard Fibre Router kits are priced from $85.

You can purchase the equipment outright or we can often arrange a rental or term payment package for approved Netspeed members.

*Compatible router required. Some devices may be locked to the previous provider.

Installation Costs

Standard residential installations are free.

During the initial scope, the technician will assess the complexity of the install and will advise if there is any additional costs before any work is started.

If you already have an ONT on the wall, then your already set to go.

Fast, reliable and locally supported New Zealand internet.