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Webcams in Wild Places

Offering security and monitoring information.

Choose from our wide range of monitoring options from static webcams right through to motion detection video cameras and recording devices.

Webcams and video monitoring cameras can be installed to perform to a wide variety of applications

  • keep an eye on the weather from a hilltop
  • record activity inside your woolshed or factory
  • record activity outside in the farm yards, car park or at your property entrance and mailbox

Depending on your selected hardware the static pictures or videos from your webcam can be viewed on your phone, desktop computer or a web page through remote webcam monitoring and triggered event alarms can be emailed or texted to you if required, the applications are endless.

To find out more about webcams and video solutions for your place anywhere in NZ or to talk about our rural broadband, wireless broadband or fibre broadband plans so you can monitor your system; contact us.

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