Getting Rugby World Cup ready

Getting Rugby World Cup ready

Watching the Rugby World Cup!

This year the Rugby World Cup will be moving online. Instead of switching to the sport channel on your TV, this time you'll be watching it all via an app.

But don't worry, follow our instructions below and Netspeed will make sure you're Rugby World Cup ready!

Make sure your internet is ready

To stream live content, you'll need a great internet connection, luckily Netspeed can help you out here if you're not already sorted.

Make sure your data limit is high enough, and your connection speeds are running at their best, so you don't hit a wall minutes into the big game.

Get viewing access

Some live games will be available on free-to-air TV but most games are only live on the Spark Sport App.

You'll need a Spark Sport pass to get access but you don't need to be a Spark customer for this!

Setup your TV

Make sure the TV or device can run Spark Sport on it. There are several ways to access Spark Sport such as from a web-browser on your computer or by using a mobile app on your phone or tablet.

You can also connect your device to the TV via a Chromecast or Smart TV app. However you choose to watch, just make sure it all works before the game kicks off.

Your step by step guide to the Rugby World Cup

While the change may seem daunting this year, here are a few steps to help you better prepare your place to be ready for the Rugby World Cup.

1. Broadband

Your world cup experience starts with a great internet connection. The starting point for streaming is a minimum of 6mbps download, or if you want a higher quality stream (for example on a smart TV) then a minimum of 15mbps is required. Click here to check your speeds!

Not with Netspeed? Join today and be ready for the world cup.

2. Subscribe to Spark Sport

To watch the Rugby World Cup, you'll need to purchase a Spark Sport Rugby World Cup 2019 pass. You can purchase a tournament pass and get access to all games live, or if you're just after one or two games, then you can buy individual game passes. The pass gives you access to Rugby World Cup content live on the Spark Sport App.

Check out Spark Sport here.

3. A screen for watching the big game

You can still watch the Rugby World Cup on your TV.

The easiest way to do this is to use Google Chromecast or Apple TV to get the game from your Android or iPhone app up onto the big screen. You could use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop or computer to the TV directly, or your TV may have a Spark Sport App (smart TV apps (2017 or newer models) are expected in the next few months).

You could choose to watch on your mobile, tablet or laptop too.

Stuck or got a question? You can talk to us!

Just give us a call on 0800 638 773 and we'll be happy to help you out.

What's available on free-to-air TV?

All 48 Rugby World Cup 2019 matches will be available on Spark Sport, with 12 of the matches available free-to-air on TVNZ 1. Visit the TVNZ website for more details.


  • 20th - Japan vs Russia (LIVE)
  • 21st - New Zealand vs South Africa (1hr delayed)
  • 28th - Argentina vs Tonga (LIVE)


  • 2nd - New Zealand vs Canada (1hr delayed)
  • 4th - South Africa vs Italy (LIVE)
  • 6th - New Zealand vs Namibia (1hr delayed)
  • 9th - Wales vs Fiji (LIVE)
  • 12th - New Zealand vs Italy (1hr delayed)
  • Quarter Final TBC - (NZ Match 1hr delayed)
  • 26th - Semi Final (LIVE)
  • 27th - Semi Final (LIVE)


  • 2nd - Final (LIVE)

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