No Fixed Term Contracts

We don't need to tie you up in a 12 or 24 month contract because we are so confident that once you have tried our services you won't want to change. All monthly payments are due in advance by direct debit.

Full Speed Broadband

Many other broadband services offer speed capped plans but we keep our Netspeed connections running as fast as your link will allow up to your chosen data cap.

How fast is full speed?

No Phone Line Required

3/4G LTE wireless equipment doesn't use old out-dated copper wires so you don't need a landline to use Rural Broadband. If you do need a phone service check out

Netspeed Phone Services

Soft Data Cap

We warn you when you are approaching your data cap and you can choose to either exceed your data cap and pay the excess data charge ($2 per GB) or to reduce your connection speed and pay no extra.

Wireless & WiFi

All NetSpeed 3/4G Rural Broadband plans use a wireless router so that you can connect your laptop, tablet , smart phone or any other WiFi enabled device without using a network cable.

Static IP Address

So you can set up your very own hotspot, private or public game, web or email server and lots of other cool stuff.

Off Peak Times are from 10pm until 6am. All our website prices are in NZ$ and include GST


Rural Broadband is dependant on local availability (although you don't even need a clear line of sight to connect to one of our transmitters), we can connect you almost anywhere in New Zealand.

To check availability at your location
please contact us » or
check our coverage map »

Hardware Kit

You will need to purchase one of our 3/4G LTE wireless modem/routers for $300, if you are a bit further away from the transmitter you may also need an external antenna priced from $150. You can purchase the equipment outright or we can often arrange a rental or term payment package for approved NetSpeed members.

Installation Costs

If you don't need an external antenna you will be able to self-install with our easy to follow instructions. If you do need an external antenna you can install yourself or if you need us to install it for you installation costs start at $250 and depend on the complexity of the installation.

More about our Installation Procedure »